non injectable facial

Non Injectable Facial Mesotherapy

Non-injectable mesotherapy is an improved system of transdermal transfer of small amounts of active substances. In traditional mesotherapy, the injection of substances is carried out by micro-injections into the dermis and the use of very fine needles which injure the skin and sometimes even create bruises. Non-injectable mesotherapy is an advanced beauty treatment, a painless technique that eliminates the use of a needle.

The penetration of the substances is achieved by applying the especially adjustable roller to the area to be treated, which stimulates the epidermal cells with micro-vibrations so that they absorb all the nutritional, anti-aging, firming and moisturizing ingredients of the treatment. In this way, we manage to hydrate the skin properly, which we cannot achieve with any kind of beauty cream, because the skin, as a defence mechanism – a barrier, does not allow any cream to penetrate deeply.

It is the ideal method to hydrate the skin and acquire a more youthful appearance. The mixture contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. With the addition of these substances, the skin looks fresher right from the very next day.

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