Oxygen therapy O2toDerm

For smooth and glowing skin

Oxygen Glass Facial is an innovative and popular skin treatment for smooth and glowing skin. It is the world’s first LPE (pulsed light energy) equipment that combines LED light therapy and anion mist spray system, thus allowing deep penetration into the dermal layer and providing cell renewal benefits.

This treatment uses an advanced oxygen dome to create a continuous flow of high concentration pure oxygen (up to 92%). An oxygen dome facial is a great way to keep your skin looking young and glowing, no matter what your age. The O2 Glass Facial provides your skin with a cocktail of oxygen and nutrients that is sprayed onto your face to improve skin tone, hydration and elasticity. It also prepares the tissues for better collagen production, giving the skin a firmer and more youthful appearance. It is ideal for dehydrated, acne-prone, hyperpigmented skin and also as a preventive treatment for wrinkles and aging of your skin

Benefits include:

  • Stimulation of cellular metabolism
  • Increase in skin regeneration
  • Reinforcement of the skin barrier
  • Deep hydration
  • Improvement of skin tone
  • Deep cleaning of the pores
  • Acne and sebum management
  • Improvement of skin elasticity

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