diamond cleaning

Diamond Microdermabrasion

For perfectly glowing and healthy skin

Diamond microdermabrasion is one of the most effective treatments for perfectly glowing and healthy skin. It is a modern and advanced treatment that offers impressive rejuvenation to the face. What makes the process special is the tool used which consists of diamond heads. In this way, dermabrasion is performed by removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. A treatment such as diamond cleansing will help to get rid of blemishes and activate the mechanisms of collagen and elastin synthesis, making the skin look more elastic, firm and young. Diasono combines two popular treatments: hydrodermabrasion and ultrasound LDM (Local Dynamic Micromassage – Dual Frequency Ultrasound) to rejuvenate the skin, face and body. Hydrodermabrasion gently exfoliates the skin while infusing it with nutrient-rich serums, while the Ultrasonic LDM has great anti-ageing benefits to complement any face or body treatment.

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