Presso Drain Sign

Thanks to this system, both lymphatic and venous circulation are stimulated, helping to reabsorb the interstitial fluid, improving drainage and acting on the lymphatic vessels and ganglia by adding a relaxing action to reabsorb edema. Pressomassage is particularly suitable for the treatment of lymphatic problems, swelling, cellulite, orange peel, stretch marks, localized swelling, constipation, fluid retention, poor peripheral circulation, heaviness and tiredness in the legs, after surgery, liposuction and for the prevention of varicose veins.



Introducing B-Strong, your secret weapon for achieving irresistibly smooth and flawless skin!
B-Strong works with Simultaneous Therma & Electrical Pulse technology, which offers a highly targeted solution for eliminating stubborn fat deposits. By elevating the temperature of adipose tissue to a targeted 42-47°C, while carefully preserving the surface skin temperature at a comfortable 37-38°C, we ensure both safety and efficiency in your body shaping journey.
This advanced treatment is engineered to minimise the appearance of cellulite, restoring your skin’s confidence and elegance.

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